Death by Discothèque (Remixes) EP: Out Now

It’s been a little over eighteen months since Disjecta Membra released a ‘single edit’ version of ‘Death by Discothèque’ as a free download in December 2013, backed with the stomping synthpop remix from one of the great pillars of European electro-industrial dance music, Leæther Strip

Exclusive remixes from South African goth rockers Ankst and post-punk/industrial pioneers Attrition (UK) followed, emerging through international V/A compilations in mid 2014.  At least one version or another of ‘Death by Discothèque’ has since graced the decks of just about every well-known goth, post-punk, deathrock (etc) DJ, radio show, webcast or specialty club around the world, while garnering attention from the usual underground fansites through to higher profile music magazines like Rip It Up magazine at home in NZ, and Independent Music News in the UK.

DJ Billyphobia at Virus-G (Madrid) described ‘Discothèque’ as “a sinister and scorching rock ’n’ roll tune”, praising its “humour and sarcasm”; Craig Hayes of Six Noises has called it “fantastically wry and brooding”; Terra Relicta (Slovenia) heralded the band as “one of the most respected names in the gothic rock genre”; and the indomitable Mr. Mick Mercer (UK) introduced the song on his live webcast by describing the group as “living legends”.

Featuring two new mixes from long-time Disjecta Membra producer Dave Lowndes, and one previously unreleased remix apiece from Ankst’s EBM spinoff project Sine Division, New Zealand dark industrial dance trailblazers The Mercy Cage, and Canadian Goth DJ Kitty Lectro’s alter-ego, Non Op Trans, the ‘Death by Discothèque (remixes)’ EP is the song’s final, definitive iteration.

The EP is available for purchase on Bandcamp.