For The Bats Volume III

The much anticipated ‘For The Bats Volume III’ compilation album is out now, with all proceeds going directly to the Bat Conservation Trust (UK), to support bat rescue, rehabilitation and conservation.  

Disjecta Membra’s ‘Madeleine! Madelaine! (Molière Mix)’ is one of the twenty-five tracks featured, alongside The Eden House, Sounds Like WinterThe Danse Society, SoulscapeBloody Dead And Sexy (feat. Gitane Demone), Cliff and IvyRed Sun Revival, This Cold Night... and the list goes on. 

For The Bats Volume III’ is available exclusively from for just $9 US.  The download comes with a 26-page pdf booklet containing bat artwork and band photos, along with information on the charity and each of the twenty-five songs and featured artists.