Website (re)-launch

Welcome to the new website.  Or, for those of you who were following us online back near the turn of the 21st Century, welcome back to  Many thanks to Gold for getting the ball rolling and banging it together.  Disjecta Membra graphics (logos, emblems etc) are by Isobel Te Aho-White (Izzy Joy).

Part EPK, part blog, part archive; the main function of right now is to safeguard online content against the irretrievable abyss of long forgotten social media posts.  The site contains news, info/history, music, links to downloads, social media and what-have-you.  The mailing list has also been migrated to Mailchimp.  There is no shop, but there will be.  There are some photos, somewhere, thanks to Alexander Hallag, James Black, Andrew Ginther, Melissa Van Berkel, Brendon Mably and possibly others. 

All other content  © Copyright Disjecta Membra 2016, except where noted.