WATCH: 'New' video for '(Candlemas)/Cauldron of Cerridwen'

Here is the new official video for '(Candlemas)'/'Cauldron of Cerridwen', from our YouTube Channel.  

'Cauldron of Cerridwen' and its instrumental prelude, '(Candlemas)', were originally released on the 'Achromaticia' album in 1997.  The accompanying clip, however, has only now been compiled from recently unearthed archival footage, mostly captured by Dawn Baxter and Ollie Campbell, from April 1997 - February 1998.  

During this time, Disjecta Membra revolved mainly around Michel Rowland (vox, guitar) and Jacob Sullivan (bass), with other players including Tamlyn Martinovich (keys, '96-'97), Barnaby Dromgool (guitar, '98) and Mark Hamill (drums, tech, '97-2000).  

The footage comes from various live shows around Wellington (Thistle Hall, Antipodes, Bodega), Hamilton (The Meteor) and Auckland (Squid Bar?), New Zealand, including dates from the 'Achromaticia' national tour, July-August '97.  

In effect, the clip provides a sort of document of Jacob's tenure with the band (albeit an incomplete one), from his first gig as our bassist in April '97 until his last appearance with us in February '98.

Disjecta Membra were also joined on all of these dates by fellow Wellington band Reserved For Emily: Jacob Sullivan (vox), David Pearson (guitar) and Ollie Campbell (bass), who all appear in the video, along with Bev Langman Painter, Andre Bittar, Deonne Rowland and assorted rabble milling about at shows.

We are especially indebted to Andre Bittar for safeguarding and making this material available again.  That's him filling his flagons.  

There are old friends here not seen in many years - some we'll never see the likes of again.

It seems fitting, then, to dedicate this video to the memory of Dean, Steve, Leigh, and others no longer with us.  May they Rest In Peace.