Long-time bassist Jaz Murphy returns

Michel and Kane are pleased to welcome back long-serving Disjecta Membra bassist Jaz Murphy.  Also known for his work with Jordan Reyne/Dr Kevorkian and the Suicide Machine, Jaz remains one of the finest musicians to appear with Disjecta Membra over the years, and naturally we’re delighted to have him back. 

Murphy’s original tenure with Disjecta Membra was from 1998-2001, but over the intervening period he’s often reappeared with the group for one-off live shows and studio work.  Most recently, he can be heard playing bass on last year’s ‘Death by Discothèque (remixes)’ EP.  

Jaz replaces outgoing bassist Isobel Te Aho-White who, together with Matthew Tāmati Scott, left Disjecta Membra in November.  Izzy continues to make a valued contribution to Disjecta Membra’s art and design, while Matthew’s involvement with future studio work remains open-ended.  Both have already had input into yet-to-be-released Disjecta Membra recordings, and now play together in Matthew’s newly revived Étienne de Silhouette project.  We wish them luck with future projects.

In our current form, Disjecta Membra revolves around the nucleus of Michel Rowland (vocals, guitar, misc); Kane Davey (guitars, vocals); and Jaz Murphy (bass).  We remain focused on recording and post-production with Bryan Tabuteau of Molière Recording and long-standing Disjecta Membra producer Dave Lowndes.  We are also joined for these sessions by several guest players and collaborators, whose work we look forward to sharing details of in the near future.