Madeleine! Madelaine! (remixes)

Released February 2018, this free download EP includes the original fan favourite 'Madeleine! Madelaine!' (as heard on The Infancy Gospels EP, For the Bats Volume III, It's Black Friday, etc), alongside brand new remixes by Black Sugar Transmission alias Andee Blacksugar (KMFDM, Peter Murphy, PoNY, USA), Delphine Coma (USA), Bzzrkr (NZ) and Tempest Xii alias Rich Witherspoon (The WakeHamsas Xiii, USA). 

1. Bzzrkr, alias Brad Gallen (Sol Mortvvs, HypnorotoMachina, Keller Kinder); Wellington, New Zealand. | 

2. Tempest Xii, alias Rich Witherspoon (The Wake, Hamsas Xiii, Cockatoo); Columbus, Ohio, US. | 

3. Black Sugar Transmission, alias Andee Blacksugar (Peter Murphy, KMFDM, Prisoners of New York); Brooklyn, New York, US. | 

4. Delphine Coma, alias Ashe Rüppe (Trance to the Sun, The Elysium Facade, Written In Ashes); Houston, Texas, US. | 

5. Bryan Tabuteau at Molière Recording (Crash-Scan, Nullity, Radar Angel, Узб96); Wellington, New Zealand. | 

EP mastered by Bryan Tabuteau / Molière Recording; Wellington, New Zealand.

Cover design by Rich Witherspoon at Blaylox; Columbus, Ohio, US. 

Photograph by Stephen Spera; New York City, New York, US. 

Original version (track 5) engineered, mixed and produced by Bryan Tabuteau / Molière Recording. From 'The Infancy Gospels' EP (2016). Words/music: Rowland. Arranged and performed by: 
Michel Rowland - vocals, synths, programming
Kane Davey - guitars
Izzy Te Aho-White - bass
Bryan Tabuteau - additional synths, programming