'Achromaticia' was Disjecta Membra's debut full-length CD, released on Australia's Heartland Records in July 1997. Now long out of print, the album cemented the band's reputation as New Zealand's leaders in the gothic rock genre, with copies of the original pressing having since become highly collectible. 


In 2013 the album was made available commercially for the first time in over a decade, and can be purchased for download exclusively from Bandcamp.  


This expanded digital re-issue of the album also features rare bonus tracks from the 'Achromaticia' period, complete with printable CD artwork redesigned by New Zealand artist Melanie Tahata.  


The revised cover design meanwhile serves to correct manufacturing errors in the original pressing, recapturing the sleeve design, album credits and track title listings as they were originally intended. 


Disjecta Membra 1996-1997 were Michel (guitar, voices, programming, misc.), Ben Cauchi (bass, misc.) and Tamlyn Martinovich (keyboards, misc.).