Death by Discothèque (remixes) EP

‘Death by Discothèque (Extended Version)’ and ‘(The Putrefying Corpse of Rock & Roll)’ mixed and produced by Dave Lowndes

Tracks 2-4 remixed and produced by the respective artists. 

Original recordings engineered by Troy Kelly (STL Audio) and Vivian Stewart, Wellington, New Zealand. 

EP mastered by Dave Lowndes

Artwork and design by Isobel Te Aho-White (Izzy Joy). 

Michel Rowland (voices, guitars); Jaz Murphy (bass); Vivian Stewart (lead guitars); Dan Smart (drums); and Raymond Ross (synths, programming). 

Spoken word sampled from a reading of ‘Die! Die! Goth Discothèque!’ in Sex, Stress, Suicide zine, by Dead Lissa

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