Interference: Achromaticia

“The Southern Hemisphere has in the last few years been producing some great bands, such as Ikon, Subterfuge, Ostia and now you can add Disjecta Membra to the list.  Hailing from New Zealand, Achromaticia is their debut CD and one which hints at great potential.  Although the album does get off to a fairly dodgy start with Cathedral and its dull clichéd bells, organs and screams.  But after the opening bars of Skin Trade have kicked in all doubts are pushed to one side.  Early 80’s influences abound, Banshees, Cure and even Bauhaus.  The majority of the tracks are powered by a drum machine whose likes have not been heard since the early days of Rosetta.  Considering also that all the keyboards, samples and drum programmes were recorded in “a bedroom” the quality is remarkable.  Vocalist Michel imbues the tracks with their gothic identity, echoing Chris Mullin of Subterfuge and at times Sven from The Dreadful Shadows.  Power is something that weaves the tracks together, although one of the album’s most intriguing tracks is Malcolm.  This track features a spoken word performance by Deonne Rowland and she manages to turn the track into something not unlike Einsturzende Neubauten’s track Blume.  So sweet and girlish are her vocals and so delicate the music, it’s totally at odds with the rest of the album.  Achromaticia is an album which demands your full attention and while not every sound is original it should be enjoyed for what it is.  A good album, with the promises of more to come.”

– Matthew Faulkner (Interference Zine, UK)