The 13th Floor: Live with The Mission

“It was been, quite frankly, a sh*t of a week for Wellingtonians and North Cantabrians, given the 7.8 Richter scale earthquake in Kaikoura on Sunday; floods; slips and high winds; damaged buildings and aftershocks.  If I hear how ‘resilient’ we all are one more time, I’ll scream!  Primal!

So it was a really cathartic and somewhat cleansing experience to stand at the front of Bodega’s stage, with the bass woofer at my feet, so deep and loud it created its own air circulation, and enjoy some powerful amplified, electric man-made energy, instead the constant dark rumbling threats from the elements...

There was plenty of doomsday imagery in the lyrics and delivery of tonight’s first band. Disjecta Membra, a semi-goth/industrial outfit from the Capital who make music that sounds like the essence of Bauhaus, Swans, Birthday Party, etc.  Their short set comprised material from their limited edition ep The Infancy Gospels (Lilitu, Cernunnos, Madeleine! Madelaine!, The Infancy Gospels) and a couple of unpublished tracks.  Frontman Michel Rowland was keen to show off his stage presence having learned from the book of Cave.  And with menacing frowns and a deep timbre growl he was a dead ringer for younger Pete Murphy (Bauhaus).  I really enjoyed their intense, slow grinding, hypnotic sound, peppered with plenty of grunge drive from their engine room – Jaz Murphy (bass) and their own Dr Avalanche (drum machine).  Kane Davey, guitar, also needs a special mention for his side-bending fret work, especially his use of a vox-pipe (last time I saw anyone do that was Peter Frampton!).”

– Tim Gruar, The 13th Floor, New Zealand