It's Black Friday: The Infancy Gospels

“The other one is there is a new EP from one of my favourite home-country bands; Disjecta Membra has brought out a new EP called ‘The Infancy Gospels’ (I’ll link that below for you as well).  Disjecta Membra is in fact what you are listening to right now in the background of this video.  You will often hear me using them in the background of my videos, because I really, genuinely like it a lot, and I feel like a lot of you do too.  So, I thought I would share with you the new EP.  It’s a mixture of, like, haunting and spiritual, like, chills up the spine; as well as quite groovy and dancey stuff; there’s, like, five songs on the EP and I guarantee that you will have, like, never heard anything quite like it.  I think the first track especially will be definitely something you’ve never heard the likes of before.  Enjoy it, you’re welcome.”

– Freyja NicLeòid (It’s Black Friday, Germany)