BRV: Achromaticia

“This New Zealand band formed four years ago and this is their first album.  It’s an accomplished debut, at times showing the influence of Bauhaus and The Banshees.  The opening track, Cathedral isn’t too good.  It simply catalogues well-worn clichés (bell tolls, church organ, distant screams and storm effects) in a boring way.  Skin Trade is much better, all Steve Severin bass and frosty guitar.  Malcolm is an enchanting, kooky song – amp noise and the sound of leads being plugged and unplugged form the rhythm while a soft, girlish voice narrates a topsy-turvy Alice In Wonderland fairy-tale.  Androgyne Waltz adds to the experimental feel.  It sounds like a wacky merry-go-round spinning out of control.  My favourite track is Danse Macabre with its clattering drums, mesmerising bass and Bowie-like vocals, which cry out “Buggery in the back room!”.  There are many pleasurable moments on this promising first album.”
– Joanne Owen (BRV Magazine, UK)