Lux Atenea: Achromaticia

“Achromaticia (expanded digital reissue)” has become not only the most complete edition, but is more in the authentic spirit of the original music with which Disjecta Membra recorded their name in the temple of Gothic Music, thanks to a unique style of composition influenced by currents within gothic rock at the time.  Talent flourished in the nineties with the appearance of legendary bands in the goth scene, and Disjecta Membra is a clear example of that golden age because of the extraordinary quality of their releases.  For this reason, readers of Lux Athena Webzine and music lovers of sinister, beautiful sounds and the related universe will enjoy these sixteen songs that form the backbone of the album “Achromaticia (digital expanded reissue)”, with the same authenticity with which they appeared at the time.   Releases that, over time, still retain that attractive post-punk musical soul, whose life-spirit still beats in each composition.  “Achromaticia” is an album of worship within the finest gothic rock of the nineties and stands out above all others.  The dark sacred atmosphere of the song “Cathedral”; the intense instrumental structure of the magnificent song “Skin Trade”; the female magic that intoxicatingly perfumes “Malcolm”; the unmistakable ambience unique to gothic clubs of the era that you can inhale listening to the extraordinary “Third Song”; the kaleidoscopic melodic experimentation felt in the instrumental “Androgyne Waltz”; the powerful impulse that stamps gothic rock strength and passion onto “Rats”; the haunting ghostly air to be enjoyed in the excellent “From the Cradle...”; repeated listening ensures degeneration and perversion recreated in “Necrophilia”; the sublime and dense ritual ceremony in the magnificent climactic composition “(Candlemas): Cauldron of Cerridwen” that should be a compulsory inclusion in all Gothic showcase collections for its exquisite musical selection (Stunning!!); the dreamy tranquility of the song “The Sleep”; the definitive surround-sound cut that gives ethereal personality to “Water-wings”; the gradual return to musical intensity with “Cathedral (Deus ex Machina Mix)” as a prelude to the lunar trajectory of the hypnotic “Danse Macabre”; the vibrant instrumental dynamism of “Antoinette Marionette”; the much more diffuse post-punk waves in “Cauldron of Cerridwen (single version)”;  or the cosmopolitan and individualistic isolation that permeates “(An Epitaph)” as musical closer, a real treat for the re-issue of this legendary album.  “Achromaticia”: the finest gothic rock born in New Zealand in the nineties.  Enjoy!”
– Lux Atman (Lux Atenea Webzine, Spain)