Everything's Gone Green: Achromaticia

“The music on the core album itself is typically dark and cinematic. It opens with the dramatic ‘Cathedral’ and builds in intensity from there… For me, it is the heavier tunes within the 14-track set, such as ‘Rats’, ‘Cauldron of Cerridwen’, and ‘The Sleep’ which hold the most appeal. But there’s a good mix of stuff – from shorter tracks like the dreamy spoken word wonderment of ‘Malcolm’, and the one-minute interlude of ‘Androgyne Waltz’, to the theatrical-almost-epic qualities of the 11-minute-plus closer ‘Danse Macabre’, which never quite lets you breathe out. In short, the album covers a great deal of ground… Probably not quite as much ground as the three bonus sets (two discs, one download) however, which offer huge insight into how the band evolved… Overall, the triple CD/four-set release is a wonderful snapshot of early Disjecta Membra. It’s one of those time-and-place things. If you weren’t there – and I wasn’t – it doesn’t really matter, you can catch up now with this massive collection of archive material… Terrific stuff.”

- Mike Hollywood (Everything’s Gone Green, New Zealand)

Hamilton Underground Press: Achromaticia

“From the opening (church) bell, this album is classic ‘90s Goth rock, much of which more than adequately stands the test of time. Highlights for me are the more upbeat songs; ‘Skin Trade’, in particular, sounds like it could have been pulled from the Headless Chickens debut Stunt Clown, while the cover of (Hamilton band) The Haunting’s song ‘Rats’ is also (still) superb. Other strong songs include ‘Cathedral (Deus ex Machina Mix)’ and ‘Danse Macabre’… this is a must-have for lovers of Hamilton music, and for listeners of classic New Zealand goth."

- Ian Duggan (Hamilton Underground Press, New Zealand)

Cvlt Nation: Achromaticia

“Re-released to mark 20 years since it’s first foray into the world, this ludicrously comprehensive 89 (!) track 3 CD plus download set comprises the original LP plus demos, remixes, live takes, rarities and more minutiae than you can shake a clove cigarette at, and is set to be the final word on this landmark release and perhaps New Zealand gothic rock full stop.”
- Andi (Cvlt Nation, USA)

Altearoa: Achromaticia

“The album features an impressive variety of tracks… but perhaps what is more impressive is the way the album is put together. Start to finish takes you through a great variation of tracks without ever feeling broken and all the while maintaining an incredible atmospheric quality that borders on the ethereal… With the Twentieth Anniversary Edition re-issue of Achromaticia coming soon to CD  don’t miss the chance to add it to your collection.”

- Vince Clark (Altearoa, New Zealand)

Ambient Light: IKON / Disjecta Membra / Sounds Like Winter - Live

“The current three piece – founding member Michel Rowland is accompanied by Kane Davey on guitar, Jaz Murphy on bass and a loyal drum machine – are beautifully understated when on stage... Kane Davey’s haunting guitar playing on opening track ‘Far from the Chant of a Murmuring Sun’ is absolutely spellbinding, while crowd favourites such as ‘Madeleine! Madelaine!’ entice you to spin around the dance floor in free abandon. Michel has an exquisitely full-bodied voice which draws you in and invites you to stay awhile and listen to his tales. Later in the set Davey shows us that he is a man of many talents as he unleashes on a talk box, eliciting excited ‘whoops’ from the crowd…”

- Sarah Kidd (Ambient Light, New Zealand)

Altearoa: IKON / Disjecta Membra / Sounds Like Winter - Live

“The atmosphere grew with a slow, airy start, slowly building into a crowd favourite of ‘Madeleine! Madelaine!’ The Wellington band clarified even further as to why the crowd had crawled out into the night, with songs such as ‘Cernunnos’ bringing on heavy swaying, and ending with a classic, ‘Cauldron of Cerridwen’. It was definitely a memorable experience being in an intimate atmosphere with the likes of these guys.”

– Anastasia Rose (Altearoa, New Zealand)

The 13th Floor: IKON / Disjecta Membra / Sounds Like Winter - Live

“They start slow building the tension with Murmuring SunLilitu and Cernunnos which all have elements of Bauhaus and Swans.  Their most impressive song, The Infancy Gospels calls to mind early Nick Cave mixed with Johnny Cash – the image reinforced by Rowland’s intense stare and wide brimmed hat.  Swirling and threatening Madeleine Madelaine is beautifully structured around the early elements of 80’s synth bands like Icehouse but more desperate.  Rowland’s voice even takes on the hue of a young Iva Davies… The band’s latter-day releases have proven their strongest yet and you definitely get a sense that this is a act that’s improving with every performance…  But the surprise finish is a very menacing cover of Boney M’s Rasputin (which also appears on the CD), which has stripped away all the cheer and buoyancy of the original disco hit and is laid out bare like a post-Brecht narration.”

– Tim Gruar (The 13th Floor, New Zealand)

Absolution NYC: The Infancy Gospels

“A five song, 24 minute EP sounds like a pretty straightforward affair. Press play and expect to hear what the label given to the band should sound like. Except it doesn’t, and that is where the various musical meanderings of Disjecta Membra are on display. This EP is a real kaleidoscope of influences… a deliciously eclectic mix of sounds from the dark side of the tracks, much like the band’s history and well worth exploring…”

- Ed Shorrock (Absolution, USA)

It's Black Friday: The Infancy Gospels

“It’s a mixture of haunting and spiritual chills up the spine, as well as quite groovy and dancey stuff. There’s five songs on the EP and I guarantee that you will have never heard anything quite like it.  I think the first track especially will be definitely something you’ve never heard the likes of before.”

– Freyja NicLeòid (It’s Black Friday, Germany)

The 13th Floor: Live with The Mission

“There was plenty of doomsday imagery in the lyrics and delivery of tonight’s first band. Disjecta Membra… make music that sounds like the essence of Bauhaus, Swans, Birthday Party, etc…. (an) intense, slow grinding, hypnotic sound...”
– Tim Gruar (The 13th Floor, New Zealand)

Collide Art & Culture: The Infancy Gospels

“…‘The Infancy Gospels’ is Disjecta Membra's culmination of a continual evolution that has seen the band stretch out across a range of stylistic tangents, always anchored by the commanding baritone of vocalist / guitarist Michel Rowland. This range is wholly evident and on display in this EP, with the band exploring a remarkable amount of territory for such a truncated set… Applause is due and is their due. If this release is any indicator, perhaps their best work is yet to come.”

- Andi Lennon (Collide Art & Culture, Australia)