Six Noises: Death by Discothèque

“If you’re a fan of gothic rock, darkwave, deathrock, or post-punk, then you might like to check out the brand new remix EP from New Zealand’s long-running ethereal rock troubadours Disjecta Membra.  The band’s wonderfully shadowy and snarky Death by Discothèque (remixes) EP features contributions from Dave Lowndes, Sine Division, The Mercy Cage, and Non Op Trans.  You can download Death by Discothèque from Disjecta Membra’s Bandcamp page right now. And while you’re there, make sure you also check out the band’s revered debut album, Achromaticia. Achromaticia is an absolute cult classic of darkly poetic rock.”
– Craig Hayes (Six Noises, New Zealand)