Terra Relicta: Death by Discothèque

“One of the most respected names in the gothic rock genre are of course New Zealand based outfit Disjecta Membra. This month the band celebrate their 20th Anniversary with the release of their brand new single Death by Discothèque – their first new release since 2007 (...) If you are from New Zealand then you can catch Disjecta Membra playing a live show as a support to legendary Peter Murpy at The Studio in Auckland on 14th December, and the next day at Bodega in Wellington. “We cut our teeth playing Bauhaus covers in my mum’s garden shed!” says frontman Michel. “We’re especially thrilled to be opening for Peter Murphy on what will be the final dates of his sold out World Tour”. Listen to "Death by Discothèque" and get immersed into the true dark waters of goth rock.”
– Terra Relicta (Webzine, Slovenia)