Everything's Gone Green: Achromaticia

“The music on the core album itself is typically dark and cinematic. It opens with the dramatic ‘Cathedral’ and builds in intensity from there… For me, it is the heavier tunes within the 14-track set, such as ‘Rats’, ‘Cauldron of Cerridwen’, and ‘The Sleep’ which hold the most appeal. But there’s a good mix of stuff – from shorter tracks like the dreamy spoken word wonderment of ‘Malcolm’, and the one-minute interlude of ‘Androgyne Waltz’, to the theatrical-almost-epic qualities of the 11-minute-plus closer ‘Danse Macabre’, which never quite lets you breathe out. In short, the album covers a great deal of ground… Probably not quite as much ground as the three bonus sets (two discs, one download) however, which offer huge insight into how the band evolved… Overall, the triple CD/four-set release is a wonderful snapshot of early Disjecta Membra. It’s one of those time-and-place things. If you weren’t there – and I wasn’t – it doesn’t really matter, you can catch up now with this massive collection of archive material… Terrific stuff.”

- Mike Hollywood (Everything’s Gone Green, New Zealand)

Hamilton Underground Press: Achromaticia

“From the opening (church) bell, this album is classic ‘90s Goth rock, much of which more than adequately stands the test of time. Highlights for me are the more upbeat songs; ‘Skin Trade’, in particular, sounds like it could have been pulled from the Headless Chickens debut Stunt Clown, while the cover of (Hamilton band) The Haunting’s song ‘Rats’ is also (still) superb. Other strong songs include ‘Cathedral (Deus ex Machina Mix)’ and ‘Danse Macabre’… this is a must-have for lovers of Hamilton music, and for listeners of classic New Zealand goth."

- Ian Duggan (Hamilton Underground Press, New Zealand)

Cvlt Nation: Achromaticia

“Re-released to mark 20 years since it’s first foray into the world, this ludicrously comprehensive 89 (!) track 3 CD plus download set comprises the original LP plus demos, remixes, live takes, rarities and more minutiae than you can shake a clove cigarette at, and is set to be the final word on this landmark release and perhaps New Zealand gothic rock full stop.”
- Andi (Cvlt Nation, USA)

Altearoa: Achromaticia

“The album features an impressive variety of tracks… but perhaps what is more impressive is the way the album is put together. Start to finish takes you through a great variation of tracks without ever feeling broken and all the while maintaining an incredible atmospheric quality that borders on the ethereal… With the Twentieth Anniversary Edition re-issue of Achromaticia coming soon to CD  don’t miss the chance to add it to your collection.”

- Vince Clark (Altearoa, New Zealand)

Six Noises: Achromaticia

“The album is replete with those theatrical, ethereal, and melancholic moments that define evocative and enrapturing gothic rock… ‘Achromaticia’ is one of those albums often spoken of in hushed whispers (“Yeah, but have you heard…”).  And it’s as majestic and moving today as it ever was.”
– Craig Hayes (Six Noises, New Zealand)

Gothic World: Achromaticia

“Achromaticia” is a true masterpiece of the genre and “Water-wings” is one of the most beautiful Gothic songs I’ve ever heard, but with an intensity and unique theatricality; components that are present more or less throughout the album.”
– Ursula Coppolaro / “Mandy Von Vixx” (Gothic World, Italy)