Death by Discothèque

Hamilton Underground Press: Death by Discothèque

“Dave Lowndes, late of Hamilton bands Requiem and Gas, and current member of Punch Monkeys, produced two versions of the song for the EP.  Lowndes produced and co-engineered Disjecta Membra’s 1997 album ‘Achromaticia’, so his inclusion – arranged at a fortuitous meeting in Auckland after not having seen Rowland for over for 16 years – makes for a nice connection to their Hamilton roots.”
– Ian Duggan (Hamilton Underground Press, New Zealand)

Rip It Up: anniversary

“Disjecta Membra have built an enduring reputation as New Zealand’s flagship of Gothic Rock.  This month the band celebrate their 20th Anniversary with the release of their brand new single, and two shows supporting legendary Bauhaus front man Peter Murphy’s New Zealand tour dates”
– Nick Bollinger (Rip It Up, New Zealand)