Live with Ikon and Sounds Like Winter

Ambient Light: IKON / Disjecta Membra / Sounds Like Winter - Live

“The current three piece – founding member Michel Rowland is accompanied by Kane Davey on guitar, Jaz Murphy on bass and a loyal drum machine – are beautifully understated when on stage... Kane Davey’s haunting guitar playing on opening track ‘Far from the Chant of a Murmuring Sun’ is absolutely spellbinding, while crowd favourites such as ‘Madeleine! Madelaine!’ entice you to spin around the dance floor in free abandon. Michel has an exquisitely full-bodied voice which draws you in and invites you to stay awhile and listen to his tales. Later in the set Davey shows us that he is a man of many talents as he unleashes on a talk box, eliciting excited ‘whoops’ from the crowd…”

- Sarah Kidd (Ambient Light, New Zealand)

Altearoa: IKON / Disjecta Membra / Sounds Like Winter - Live

“The atmosphere grew with a slow, airy start, slowly building into a crowd favourite of ‘Madeleine! Madelaine!’ The Wellington band clarified even further as to why the crowd had crawled out into the night, with songs such as ‘Cernunnos’ bringing on heavy swaying, and ending with a classic, ‘Cauldron of Cerridwen’. It was definitely a memorable experience being in an intimate atmosphere with the likes of these guys.”

– Anastasia Rose (Altearoa, New Zealand)

The 13th Floor: IKON / Disjecta Membra / Sounds Like Winter - Live

“They start slow building the tension with Murmuring SunLilitu and Cernunnos which all have elements of Bauhaus and Swans.  Their most impressive song, The Infancy Gospels calls to mind early Nick Cave mixed with Johnny Cash – the image reinforced by Rowland’s intense stare and wide brimmed hat.  Swirling and threatening Madeleine Madelaine is beautifully structured around the early elements of 80’s synth bands like Icehouse but more desperate.  Rowland’s voice even takes on the hue of a young Iva Davies… The band’s latter-day releases have proven their strongest yet and you definitely get a sense that this is a act that’s improving with every performance…  But the surprise finish is a very menacing cover of Boney M’s Rasputin (which also appears on the CD), which has stripped away all the cheer and buoyancy of the original disco hit and is laid out bare like a post-Brecht narration.”

– Tim Gruar (The 13th Floor, New Zealand)