The Infancy Gospels EP

Absolution NYC: The Infancy Gospels

“A five song, 24 minute EP sounds like a pretty straightforward affair. Press play and expect to hear what the label given to the band should sound like. Except it doesn’t, and that is where the various musical meanderings of Disjecta Membra are on display. This EP is a real kaleidoscope of influences… a deliciously eclectic mix of sounds from the dark side of the tracks, much like the band’s history and well worth exploring…”

- Ed Shorrock (Absolution, USA)

It's Black Friday: The Infancy Gospels

“It’s a mixture of haunting and spiritual chills up the spine, as well as quite groovy and dancey stuff. There’s five songs on the EP and I guarantee that you will have never heard anything quite like it.  I think the first track especially will be definitely something you’ve never heard the likes of before.”

– Freyja NicLeòid (It’s Black Friday, Germany)

Collide Art & Culture: The Infancy Gospels

“…‘The Infancy Gospels’ is Disjecta Membra's culmination of a continual evolution that has seen the band stretch out across a range of stylistic tangents, always anchored by the commanding baritone of vocalist / guitarist Michel Rowland. This range is wholly evident and on display in this EP, with the band exploring a remarkable amount of territory for such a truncated set… Applause is due and is their due. If this release is any indicator, perhaps their best work is yet to come.”

- Andi Lennon (Collide Art & Culture, Australia)

Everything's Gone Green: The Infancy Gospels

“I’m a little reluctant to call it goth, or even stick the ubiquitous “deathrock” tag on it, because neither of those labels do the music of Disjecta Membra any justice whatsoever. In fact, the sounds found on the band’s latest release, a five track EP called The Infancy Gospels, suggest that the Wellington-based masters of the dark arts are keen to expand the band’s palette, and this EP appears to represent a genuine cross-pollination of ideas and genres… each of the five tracks on The Infancy Gospels offer something a little different, and the EP is all the better for the diversity on show… an incredibly eclectic collection of songs.”  

– Mike Hollywood (Everything’s Gone Green, New Zealand)

Six Noises: The Infancy Gospels

The Infancy Gospels reveals a band in motion, with Disjecta Membra expanding their sound and taking risks on their most diverse recording yet. That said, long-time fans, there’s really no need to panic. Disjecta Membra might be broadening their range, but pre-eminent and gothic are descriptors that still hold true… Twenty-three years and innumerable hurdles later, Disjecta Membra are seeking out fresh artistic challenges, while still creating haunting, original music. How many other long-running bands could say the same? As dark and dramatic as always, Disjecta Membra continue to impress and inspire.”

- C. Haze (Six Noises, New Zealand)