Songs to Scattered Symbols

Ikon / Disjecta Membra / Sounds Like Winter

Released February 2017, this three-way split CD with our good friends IKON (Melbourne) and Sounds Like Winter (Sydney) was released to coincide with our Waitangi Weekend shows together in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand.  

Three tracks apiece from each of the three bands, all tracks were previously unreleased.  Contributions from Disjecta Membra (tracks 1-3) included our own reworking of the IKON song 'Subversion', an exclusive remix of 'Madeleine! Madelaine!' by AMY_cin, and a popular cover version of the Euro-disco hit, 'Rasputin', from Boney M. 

Copies of the Songs to Scattered Symbols CD sold out within a couple of weeks of release, but the digital album is still available from Bandcamp.