Adding Embedded Images

On an edit screen you'll see handles popup as you mouse over the bits of the screen that are available. Mousing over these will show a line that will show you where you will insert if you click at that point. Once you get used to page layout this will make more sense.


  • Click a Handle
  • Click Image from the Basic section
  • This will give you a popup you can add the image with.
    • Either click the "Add an image" for the standard file browser your Web browser uses
    • Or use your system file browser to locate the file and drag and drop it on the target. That whole "Add an image" box is a drop target.
  • SquareSpace will handle resizing etc. Just make it the right height and width and upload as as big a file as you can.  This photo of the Sun, it's my desktop wallpaper at work. It's 1901 by 1425px and Squarespace resizes it so it doesn't totally trash the load times. :)

Now play. :)